¿Qué Fregados es Print on Demand?

What Fregados is Print on Demand?

In another of our articles we talk about what dropshipping is and all the advantages and disadvantages it has. Now I want to talk to you about a very similar business model, but oriented to another market niche: Print on Demand.

Operationally, this model works the same as dropshipping, but it tends to focus on design businesses, entertainment, book authors, speakers who want to start selling personalized merchandise of their brand or company.

This allows monetizing the platforms of each creator in another way, and connecting with their audience in a more personal way. If you are a creator and want to start selling merchandise with your designs, I present to you some platforms with which you can carry out your ideas.

Printful: Highly customizable print-on-demand products

Printful is a platform that allows you to customize all kinds of products, such as: clothing, footwear, coffee mugs, cell phone accessories, among others. It is ideal for brands that want to monetize their brand without having to deal with the operational challenges of an apparel and accessories supply chain. You can edit your products, set your profit margins, and add taxes. It integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and even provides rendered images with models wearing your products.

Lulu xPress: Print-on-demand books and calendars

Lulu xPress focuses only on books and calendars, you can choose the size and format of the book, whether you want your cover to be hard or soft, color or black and white, and even the quality of paper you want to use for the pages interiors. It is ideal for coaches, speakers, nutritionists, writers, and people who want to share an experience through a book.

Shapeways: Premium 3D printing on demand

Shapeways focuses on the world of 3D printing, you can create any design from scratch using different materials that they offer. It is ideal for industrial designers, architects, and creators who are into physical design and want to grow their client base without having to invest in expensive equipment.

There are more and more ways to start your own project online, which allows you to focus on your brand and what sets you apart from the competition. With these tools you can give another dimension to the platform you already have and you can offer more value to your audience.

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