Aumenta la Productividad de tu Tienda Shopify con Estas 5 Aplicaciones

Increase the Productivity of your Shopify Store with These 5 Applications

In my opinion, Shopify is the most complete platform for selling online on the market. It has many features that will make your job as an administrator much easier. But there are times when you need something more tailor-made, especially in a country like Mexico, where tax laws are different from those of other markets and have very specific requirements. But don't worry, Shopify is a very flexible platform that allows you to integrate with other platforms so that you can have the functionalities that you want, thus having a tailor-made suit for your business. Here are five apps that will help your online store be more productive.

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Do they offer a free plan: Yes

Mienvio is a platform that allows you to print guides prepared for your sales made online. They have an agreement with three of the main ones in the country: Redpack, FedEx, and Estafeta. They offer very good prices in their guides and have express and standard shipping options which can drop depending on the monthly plan you have contracted. If you want to start selling nationwide, mienvio is your best option.

ProsecutorPOP Mexico

Do they offer a free plan: No

If your business needs to generate CFDI's stamped by the SAT for your clients, FiscalPOP is your best option. It integrates seamlessly with your online store, allowing your customers to generate their own invoices after completing their purchase directly at checkout. In addition, you can generate invoices from your administrator in case your client asks you for their invoice later. The monthly plan is very affordable, with a price of $4 USD per month and a cost per bill of $0.10 USD.


Do they offer a free plan: Yes

The new Facebook channel in Shopify allows you to integrate your store with the largest social network in the world. Sell ​​your products on Instagram and Facebook, create ad campaigns from your Shopify admin, and integrate your Facebook Pixel into your online store to measure the behavior of your customers in your store. This application is completely free and is a very good option when you want to start using these two great sales channels.

Shopify Ping

Do they offer a free plan: Yes

This application allows you to have all your messages in one place (Messenger, Shopify Chat, Apple Business Chat) to facilitate communication between your customers. Schedule automatic replies for when you're offline, share product and order status, and add team members to chat with. It is a very complete communication tool for your store, I highly recommend it.


Do they offer a free plan: Yes

Advertise your products on the world's largest search engine. Make it easier for your customers to find you on Google, and run paid Google Ads campaigns for your products. Track the performance of your campaigns and start with any budget.

Now yes, your online store is ready to fly. Impress your clients with an unbeatable service and make yourself known with efficient and cheap campaigns. You put the limits.

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