E-commerce Local: La Tiendita de la Esquina Ahora También Puede Ser Digital

Local E-commerce: The Little Corner Store Can Now Be Digital

Normally, people think that selling online means that your products have to be shipped to a faraway place, even to another country. But I come to tell you that you can boost the sales of your business in your town using electronic commerce. Whether you want to integrate your online store with your point of sale or just sell online from a warehouse, a local business can benefit from offering the convenience of being able to sell their products to their customers on any device.

2020 put all businesses to the test, they practically had to reinvent themselves overnight in order to continue operating. In addition, the consumption habits of customers have also changed, now they are looking for the highest cost/benefit and the comfort of being able to receive the products at the door of your home. This caused businesses to start considering e-commerce as a viable option, making this ecosystem grow exponentially last year.

In 2020, electronic commerce in the country represented 316 billion pesos in sales, according to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), this meant an increase of 81 percent, compared to the results of 2019.

“We almost tripled growth compared to 2019, as a consequence the participation of e-commerce in retail reached 9 percent, it practically doubled. It is the great news of the year, we all had doubts about how much it was growing and this is the real number of the Mexican market” - Pierre-Claude Blaise, General Director of AMVO.

The trend shows that e-commerce will continue to grow in our country, taking an increasingly larger share in the retail sector. This means that there will be great opportunities for local businesses that have been affected by the pandemic or businesses that want to start a business. With your own online store, you will have the infrastructure to be able to sell locally, nationally and internationally. It all depends on the type of product you are selling.

Businesses like dark kitchens, dropshipping, online courses, and entertainment will grow within the Mexican market. We will see more and more national brands as main players in electronic commerce. Delivering personalized and high-value experiences, every online store has to place a lot of emphasis on customer service, return and refund policies, promotions, and building trust. Customer satisfaction has also grown, which means that the quality of products and services has increased.

By integrating your local business with tools like Shopify, Facebook, Google, and even TikTok, you can build a huge audience and carve out a niche market using minimal resources. Everything is in creating effective and high interest strategies for your consumers. Plan your advertising campaigns well, publish your catalog on your social networks, offer different forms of payment, free shipping, and your customers don't have to buy from you.

As you can see, the numbers don't lie, the opportunity is there. What are you waiting for to join the ecosystem?

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